Building a
Vibrant and Inclusive Tulsa
for All

InTulsa is connecting innovative companies and diverse talent with the mission to help grow Tulsa into a vibrant & inclusive community.

For Individuals
For Businesses

Discover your next career adventure InTulsa

Talent in Tulsa connects innovative companies with diverse talent to help grow Tulsa into a vibrant and inclusive community.

For Businesses

Trust Tulsa With Your Business

Tulsa has the building blocks you need to grow your business. With public-private, city-wide partnerships, we focus our efforts on expanding Tulsa’s diversified industries, innovative opportunities, and impactful roles.

For Everyone

Life in Tulsa

A welcoming community large enough to support world-class music and theatre, sports venues and one of the most impressive park systems in the country.

Come Be Our Neighbor!

Why Tulsa? Tulsa is an affordable city packed with art, culture, job opportunities and green spaces.

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